The Braid Book

Written by our founders Sarah Hiscox and Willa Burton, The Braid Book includes step-by-step instructions for 20 simple and fun styles to do, right from your home. It also advises you on the essential products and tools needed, as well as some tips and tricks to create perfect braids yourself. The Braid Book really does have everything you would need to become a #braidbae.

The Braid Book: 20 fun and easy styles

Having tried and failed to braid her 8-year-old daughter’s hair into an intricate fishtail plait, Sarah Hiscox had to admit she had no idea what she was doing. When she realised a trip to the hairdressers was both expensive and time consuming, Sarah decided to fill a gap in the market and she started a pop-up braid bar with family friend Willa Burton.

Now you can learn to style intricate braids in your own hair with The Braid Bar book, featuring designs from a plaited halo and elaborate fishtail to an intricate Mohican style braid.

Sarah and Willa also share how to adorn your hair with accessories like clips, pompoms and bands as well as other temporary styling tools such as hair chalk and glitter.

Secret tips, tricks and advice on looking after your braids, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, ensures you can immerse yourself in the latest hair trend.

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