The Braid Bar

At New York Fashion Week, we crushed over Sofia Richie’s amazing braided hair. These weren’t just your typical schoolgirl plaits, these were works of art and, therefore, tricky to recreate. Lucky for us, The Braid Bar has come to the rescue. A genius concept currently in Selfridges London, boasting a varied 12-style menu – this is your new go-to for a quick and cool re-style.

Each plait borrows an iconic identity: the Claudia is a wrap-around style, reminiscent of an angel’s halo, while the Gwen, a graphic zig-zag piled-high-plait, is a clear reference to Gwen Stefani circa No Doubt. There’s also a Cara, Bey and Riri. Add in the silver rings, coloured chalk or My Flash Trash charms for a unique and creative touch.

With prices starting at £10 for the more simple styles and up to £25 for the more complex, these plaits are perfect for a weekend party, but as the co-founders Willa Burton and Sarah Hiscox suggest – wrap them in a silk scarf to sleep and they’ll last you right through the week.

When we popped down we opted for the sweet, heart-shaped Kate – an easy to wear plait, perfect for adding ribbons – and the simple but effective Riri with festival-ready fuschia and lime hair chalk.

With none of the styles taking longer than 20 minutes, it’s a super cute, speedy update. The real beauty? They’re not permanent so next week you can go back and have another superstar style.

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